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The first sequel was intended to introduce new characters joining the team, while each installment was planned to explore a different style within the horror genre. Storm• By October of the same year, Mangold and had signed onto the project as co-screenwriters. The next few movies are easy to categorize in the X-Men chronology. Through Beast, the X-Men also hook up with Abigail Brand and S. Perry, Spencer December 4, 2014. Franich, Darren January 30, 2015. Colvert, Colin May 25, 2006. In July 2007, was hired as director. was attached as screenwriter, with Kinberg and Franco as producers. McClintock, Pamela March 17, 2011. from the original on July 22, 2010. Wolverine heads to Japan, he meets a woman he marries in the comics which doesn't happen in the movie , is betrayed by a man he saved in World War II, and then fights a weird version of Silver Samurai. However, if Last Stand never happened after Days of Future Past, that means this movie also never happened. Together, they rescued the original X-Men and sent Krakoa hurling into space. The New Mutants 2: In December 2016, Boone stated that he had pitched the -centered trilogy of films to 20th Century Fox with intentions for each film to build upon the last, as well as the X-Men film franchise as whole. Principal photography began in September 1999 in , Canada, and ended in March 2000. pagination-gallery-sequential label. Siegel, Tatiana January 5, 2010. Chris Hewitt of magazine called the first X-Men film as the "catalyst" for films based on Marvel Comics characters, stating "Singer's 2000 film is the catalyst for everything that's come since, good and bad. Lussier, Germain May 25, 2011. By May 2016, Simon Kinberg was in the process of rewriting the script. Cyclops became the new Dark Phoenix and was nearly unstoppable until Hope and the Scarlet Witch were able to coax the Phoenix Force away. Matthew Vaughn was attached to direct the film but left in October 2012 to focus on the film. Fearing a mutant civil war, Beast brought the five original X-Men forward in time to confront the older Cyclops and convince him to change his ways. This takes place, assumedly, in 2016 — although it doesn't really matter in this case. Soon after, Magneto made his public debut by striking at Cape Citadel and seizing control of the military base. She subsequently joined the New X-Men alongside Cyclops, Wolverine, Phoenix, Beast, and Kuan-Yin Xorn. Soon after, Cyclops and Phoenix left the team while Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler returned to help rescue Xavier and bring him home. Filming commenced in June 2017 in Vancouver, Canada and concluded in October. The plot was intended to have involved a cross-over element with the mainline X-Men movies. This proved to be a disastrous decision, as the untested mutants were seemingly killed by Krakoa. Kit, Borys November 18, 2017. In April 2011, visual effects specialist was hired to direct. said the film could be described as an R-rated take on the X-Men. Xorn seemingly revealed himself to be Magneto—later in turn outed as an imposter—and he brutally took control of Manhattan and nearly killed the X-Men in the process. Main article: List indicator s This section shows characters who will appear or have appeared in more than two films in the series. from the original on January 4, 2006. Worldwide, Deadpool was the highest-grossing film in the series and the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, before being surpassed on both records by its sequel. There is even a scene in this movie where Deadpool walks by an open door and having a meeting. This move completely backfired, and stranded the first X-Men team in the present with seemingly no way to return without altering the timeline even further. from the original on May 23, 2016. [ ]• from the original on March 30, 2015. Xavier subsequently recruited Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Angel before formally introducing them to Jean, whom he renamed Marvel Girl. There is a secret history with him and the mutants here and this is where he meets his fate, although it might feel more deserved after seeing him in later movies. Principal photography began in March 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, and ended in May. Gray, Brandon May 30, 2006. from the original on November 6, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 [ ] Main article: Set years after the events of The Wolverine, the film features the cast of the original X-Men trilogy and X-Men: First Class. This puts it in the movie's continuity because Logan is having nightmares of Jean Grey, who died at his hands. For one thing, this movie takes place in 2029, which is six years after X-Men: Days of Future Past's future scenes, so obviously in this world, they stopped that from happening. Singer, Bryan [ BryanSinger] December 18, 2012. from the original on March 17, 2014. An early confrontation with Mesmero led the team to Lorna Dane, a young woman who inherited her magnetic powers from her father, Magneto. That honeymoon period ended quickly, when Norman Osborn attempted to bring down the team and create his own Dark X-Men. Emma Frost emerged as one of the few survivors, thanks to a secondary mutation which transformed her flesh into diamond. Gambit showed up soon after, and he was provisionally welcomed back to the fold. Duralde, Alonso May 12, 2014. Later that month, Kinberg said that a film centered around the character was in development. Base of Operations• In Los Angeles, a young mutant named Jubilee witnessed Storm, Dazzler, Rogue, and Psylocke in action. In his anger, Bishop accidentally shot Xavier in the head as Cable and baby Hope escaped into the future. Earn points for what you already do as a Marvel fan and redeem for cool rewards as a. Stryker attacks the and brainwashes Xavier into locating every mutant on the planet to kill them. In February 2017, had joined as a creative consultant to work on the script with Reynolds, and. O'hara, Helen October 20, 2016. from the original on May 25, 2014. Phoenix Jean Grey• The records for the first three films have since been surpassed. The X-Men turned the tables on the Skrulls and reunited with their mentor before returning to Earth with him. Archived from on February 6, 2018. The X-Men were subsequently captured and implanted with Brood eggs. Upon hearing the news, Cyclops left his wife and baby son behind to join Jean, Iceman, Beast, and Angel in X-Factor. Unable to leave Wolverine behind, Jubilee finally revealed her presence to him and helped sneak him out of the town. Years later, Charles befriended Max Eisenhardt, a fellow mutant who had taken on the name Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. " felt, " X-Men: The Last Stand isn't as taut or satisfying as X-Men 2, but it's better constructed and better paced than the original X-Men. The goddess, Roma, resurrected the group but allowed Magneto, the New Mutants, and the rest of the world to believe they were gone forever. obtained the film rights to the characters in 1994, and after numerous drafts, was hired to direct the , released in 2000, and its sequel, 2003 , while the third installment of the original trilogy, 2006 , was directed by. Singer is adept at juggling large casts of three-dimensional characters, Ratner makes shallow, unimaginative bang-ups. Following a battle with the Sentinels in a space station, Jean took it upon herself to safely pilot the shuttle back to Earth. Psychic entities like the Shadow King, Cassandra Nova, Onslaught, and Proteus nearly destroy the team on numerous occasions. The film was released on May 23, 2014. In the subsequent war between the teams, the Phoenix was split between five hosts: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus, and Magik. Using their combined powers, Hope and Scarlet Witch undid the effects of M Day by making the Phoenix restore the potential for more mutants. Alpha Flight and Exiles: In February 2017, Kinberg stated that and the were characters being developed by the studio, for film adaptation. Principal photography commenced in June 2017 in Montreal, Canada and ended in October of the same year. from the original on December 23, 2016. Principal photography began in August 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, and ended in January 2006. After each film outgrossed its predecessor, several films were released, including three Wolverine films 2009—2017 , four X-Men: Beginnings films 2011—2019 , and two Deadpool films 2016—2018 , with concluding the series in 2020, after a 20-year-long run. Realizing that mutants were the next step in human evolution, Professor Charles Xavier gathered five gifted teenagers to be his first class of students. from the original on April 26, 2016. government agents who attempted to depower her with a device created by Forge, a mutant inventor. Shawn is a former member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle before relocating to Texas and has work published in the Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma Gazette, Vox Magazine and Loud Magazine and on websites like The Huffington Post, CBS, Time Warner Cable, Yahoo, The Movie Network, Chud, Renegade Cinema, 411mania and Sporting News. The movies have mostly been out of order, the original trilogy took place after the first trilogy, completely, and at least two movies were curiously "out of time. from the original on May 18, 2016. Currently, Kitty Pryde leads the X-Men Gold team and serves as the headmaster of the newly reopened Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach. The sub-genre intended to be an introducing and to the team, with the plot involving an story device. in San Francisco, California; formerly Xavier Institute For Higher Learning, Westchester, New York; 's base, Northern Territory, Australia; Mutant Research Center, Muir Island, Scotland; Magneto's Island, Berm• came on board as director in February 2005 but left due to the rushed production schedule. By this time, Professor X and Magneto are rivals and enemies, which was set up in the latter trilogy. from the original on January 31, 2013. " Morris praised X-Men: The Last Stand for "put[ting] the heroes of a mighty summer blockbuster in a rare mortal position. The X-Men received their first test when Magneto seized control of the Cape Citadel military base. Josh, Wigler July 24, 2013. from the original on June 9, 2013. Arrant, Chris March 27, 2015. from the original on April 1, 2016. Vilkomerson, Sara May 25, 2017. The X-Men were defeated by the Club while recruiting a teenager named Kitty Pryde. By October, had signed on as director, while Zetumer continued to work on the script. Cyclops and Madelyne subsequently married and left the team, but the first Secret Wars forced Scott Summers to fight by their side on Battleworld. Retrieved March 25, 2017 — via. Music [ ] Soundtracks [ ] Title U. When the underground mutant society called the Morlocks kidnapped Angel, Storm assumed control of them by defeating their leader, Callisto, in combat. In November, was in final negotiations to direct the film. Kingberg in Elliott, Sean June 8, 2006. After a brief respite, Gambit, Forge, Banshee, Storm, Wolverine, Psylocke, and Jubilee suited up as a new team of X-Men moments before they were shanghaied by Lila Cheney and Deathbird. Mimic Calvin Rankin• Devastated by his loss, Cyclops left the team. The Avengers wanted to isolate Hope with the belief that the Phoenix was coming for her. However, what happened to him in that movie never happened here. Cyclops becomes the first field leader of the X-Men and he often takes over when Xavier is out of the picture. Mastermind attempted to get his revenge on the team by convincing them that Madelyne was actually Dark Phoenix reborn, but Cyclops was able to hold off the X-Men long enough to expose their old foe. The dreamer may be gone, but the X-Men live on. The Once Upon a Deadpool version of 2018 was being watched carefully by Disney and Marvel Studios to see whether it might inform how they could approach the character and integrate him into a PG-13 setting for the MCU. The false Professor soon fell in battle, leaving the team to believe their mentor was dead. Moria was murdered by Mystique, who wanted to pervert her research by using the Legacy Virus to attack humans. Thunderbird John Proudstar• from the original on March 4, 2013. Wood, Matt December 9, 2016. Maggott• Retrieved March 15, 2013 — via. from the original on June 21, 2011. from the original on January 10, 2017. Additional filming took place in Montreal in November 2013 and February 2014. This is also where Nightcrawler joins up with them,. They will fight to escape their past sins to save themselves. Otto, Jeff February 2, 2004. The X-Men reunited in time to save Cyclops from a bomb implanted in his chest by Bastion. Couch, Aaron October 12, 2017. Radish, Christina September 26, 2017. from the original on November 11, 2016. Singer, Bryan March 25, 2015. Changing times meant that the X-Men actually had to unite with the Hellfire Club to defeat Nimrod, a powerful Sentinel from the future. Chamber• Outside of that, this movie basically lines up with the first trilogy. Deadpool films [ ] Deadpool 2016 [ ] Main article: Mercenary and former Special Forces operative is subjected to an experiment that leaves him with new abilities. " Singer's third film in the series, X-Men: Days of Future Past was also well received. Additional filming occurred in August and September 2018. Even in a world where Homo Sapiens hate and fear them, the X-Men stand together as protectors of humanity and mutantkind alike. The Inhumans and X-Men fight each other for the survival of their respective species. Angel Warren Worthington III• Main article: After a personal tragedy, Deadpool creates the X-Force to save a young mutant from the time-traveling soldier. X-Men: The Last Stand 2006 [ ] Main article: A pharmaceutical company has developed a "cure" that suppresses the mutant gene, provoking controversy in the mutant community. The film was released on May 2, 2003. The duo parted ways over their deep philosophical differences regarding the place of mutants in the world. However, Bishop believed that Hope would be personally responsible for countless deaths in his future, so he betrayed the team and attempted to assassinate her before she could fulfill that destiny. was sent a draft of the screenplay the following June but did not pursue it, and emerged as a top contender to direct. Molloy, Tim March 25, 2012. " Comic-book writer Mark Millar said that Singer's X-Men "revolutionized" superhero films. This movie has Logan going to Japan to relive a slightly altered version of one of his most beloved comic book storylines. Principal photography commenced in May 2016 in , Louisiana, and concluded in August 2016. Havok was reborn in Genosha as a mutant soldier loyal to the country that oppressed his race. Professor X• Their struggle has continued with each subsequent generation of mutants. Principal photography began in August 2012 in , Australia, and ended in November. The differences in quality between the three are minor, however; despite the change in directors, there seems to be a single vision. Subsequent recruits included Bobby Drake Iceman , Warren Worthington III Angel , and Hank McCoy Beast. from the original on February 13, 2017. Juggernaut Cain Marko• Franklin Richards was able to save the heroes by transporting them to an alternate universe, but the X-Men believed their colleagues were killed in action. After the release of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds stated that Deadpool would appear in the film. Gray, Brandon July 17, 2000. Undaunted, Professor X invited his original students to rejoin the X-Men, and the roster was split into the Gold Team and the Blue Team. To prevent a dark timeline from playing out, Jean telepathically encouraged Cyclops to pursue a real relationship with Frost as the new co-headmasters of the Xavier Institute. from the original on January 31, 2013. Riesman, Abraham January 23, 2018. vanilla-image-block img,article figure p. That would mean that this movie, and the first one, took place way back before the first X-Men movie, which isn't really possible. Archived from on March 15, 2013. After defeating Sauron and encountering the Japanese mutant, Sunfire, the X-Men discovered that Xavier was still alive. pagination-gallery-sequential. Visit to learn more about his novel writing and follow him on. from the original on December 8, 2012. from the original on March 4, 2017. Instead, David accidentally killed Xavier, which created the alternate timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse. How to watch the X-Men movies in order Tom's Guide. Archived from on February 26, 2017. from the original on May 5, 2015. The final X-Men movie in continuity is easily distinguishable as. Archived from on March 16, 2016. " The first two films were highly praised due to their tone. Following that conflict, the Avengers Unity Squad invites several X-Men to join in a bid to bridge the gap between the teams. Shawn is also a published author, with a non-fiction book about the Stephen King Dollar Baby Filmmakers and has begun work on a new fiction series as well. Hood, Cooper October 14, 2017. 20th Century Fox acquired Deadpool the following year after New Line Cinema placed it in and was considering the spin-off in the development of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with Reynolds being cast for the role. Magik Illyana Rasputin• had entered early negotiations to portray Warlock. from the original on October 1, 2007.。

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